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Honey and Avocado Face Mask

 Nourishment for the Skin



Avocado and Honey Face Mask Recipe - Natural and Vitamin Rich

Ingredients:  Avocado and Honey 
  1. Mash the pulp of one-half of an avocado and then add 2 teaspoons honey.
  2. Spread this mixture over your chest, neck, and face. 
  3. Allow it to nourish your skin 15 - 20 minutes. 
  4. Wash face with a gentle cleansing wash. 
  5. Pat face dry.
  6. Apply your favorite moisturizer.  
Note:  Do not store this mixture longer than a day. 
When applying any face mask, avoid the eye and mouth areas.

What Makes Avocado and Honey Good for Us
Inside the rough skin of the avocado fruit; and the amber of honey are powerful nutrients waiting to soften and nourish the skin and inner body. 
"Avocados contribute nearly 20 vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds that can
contribute to the nutrient quality of your diet."
Avocado Trivia
  • 90% of the United States avocados come from California
  • Avocado is a fruit.
  • A single avocado tree produces about 150 avocados (60 pounds) a year. Some trees have been known to produce up to 500 avocados!
  • Avocados are sodium and cholesterol free.
  • 1 medium avocado contains about 250 calories.
  • Avocados contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, some of which are: folate, potassium, vitamin E, iron, and beta-carotene
  • Avocado and honey face mask - nature's gift.
Honey has long been used as a beauty treatment. According to the Honey Association, "Honey's ability to attract and retain moisture means that it has long been used as a beauty treatment.  It was part of Cleopatra's daily beauty ritual."
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