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Eyeshadow Colors

Different Eyeshadow Types

Here's an eyeshadow beauty tip that may surprise many of you. There are four different eyeshadow types - frosted, matte, satin, and shimmer, and each one has their own purpose.  
Often, when women shop for eyeshadow, they look at a color, decide they like it and buy it. Although the color may be beautiful, the sheen may be all wrong and work against them.

Four Eyeshadow Types

Frosted Eyeshadow
Frosted eyeshadow has an opaque finish with a white or silver sparkle. Pastels are popular frosted eyeshadow colors for women with younger skin, because they brighten the eyes. 

If you have fine lines or wrinkles, frosted colors may not be right for you; they have a tendency to magnify them. Shimmer, matte, or satin eyeshadow are your better alternatives.  

Matte Eyeshadow
For creating a natural look, consider using mid-tone matte shades. Matte eyeshadow has a higher concentration of color and is an excellent choice for shaping and defining the eyes.
Matte eyeshadow is more suited for mature skin.  
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Satin Eyeshadow
If you prefer an eyeshadow that has more sparkle than a matte, but less sparkle than shimmer, then you could opt for a satin eyeshadow. Satin eyeshadow can be used on both youthful and more mature skin.    
Shimmer Eyeshadow
For sheer coverage, with a hint of sparkle, shimmer eyeshadow is the answer. Many beautiful colors are available and can be worn by women of all ages. Light shimmery colors are often used to highlight the eye area.
If fine lines and wrinkles are a concern, shimmery eyeshadow will not settle into your fine lines IF it's not over applied. 
Simple rules to remember when wearing different eyeshadow types:
  • What looks beautiful on women with more mature skin may not be flattering for women with younger skin.  
  • Women with more mature skin should shy away from frosted eyeshadow.
  • Women with younger skin should shy away from matte eyeshadow.
  • Satin and shimmer eyeshadow are suited for both younger and more mature-skin women.
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