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 Weird Beauty Tips

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Snail slime


Weird Beauty Tips for Skin

Crisco Eye Makeup Remover and Moisturizer

I've heard of Crisco to remove eye makeup, but some women swear that it is the best skin moisturizer on the market!
Snail Slime for Skin and Hair Care
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The next time a bird targets you, thank that little feathered friend for the gift. Guanine, a substance in bird poop, is believed to be responsible for the soft and silky skin of the Geisha. I've heard the facemask does not have an unslightly odor and is available in New York. It may sound like another weird beauty tip, but women pay anywhere from $50 and up for this treatment.

Take the Red Out of Pimples

To take the red out of an occasional pimple that pops up at the wrong time, put a few drops of a red eye relief product, (I like to use Visine) on a cotton ball, and then hold this on the pimple for 20 seconds.

Weird Beauty Tips for Hair

Dry Oatmeal Hair Touch-up

To absorb excess oil in your hair when you don't have the time to wash it, rub in some dry instant oatmeal, and then comb it out. 

Stinky Hair

Add a touch of fragrance to your hair with scented body powder.  Dust a small amount in your hair and comb it through.  At least this weird beauty tip will leave you smelling pretty.

Makeup Tip

Eyeliner Booster

For darker and longer lasting eyeliner, add a drop of red eye relief product (I've tried it with Visine) on your cake eyeliner or dry eyeshadow, and then apply as usual.

Weird Itch Relief Tips

Bar Soap for Insect Bites

This really isn't a weird beauty tip, but it's worth mentioning here. To relieve the itch from an insect bite quickly, wet your finger in water, rub it across a bar of soap (I prefer Dial), then apply the soap to the bug bite. Within a short time the itch will disappear. If it doesn't, you may not have used enough soap - or you didn't use bar soap. I've used bar soap for this purpose for many years and prefer it to anti-itch creams.
My niece was stung by a wasp and when all else failed to relieve the painful itch, we used this tip and within a matter of a few minutes the painful itch was relieved.

Mentholated Ointment for Itching 

I once heard if your skin itches, use refrigerated mentholated ointment. It is suppose to reduce the severity of the itch.  I've never tried it, but it may work. 

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